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Meet the team!


Business Manager I  The Dogslanding House Board Memeber

Hi, I'm Devin! I started working with Dogslanding as the Marketing Director in January 2023, and in May I took on more roles and became the Business Manager! I have a passion for all things marketing, events & of course DOGS! I graduated from Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi in 2021 with a Bachelor's degree in Communication & Public Relations. I have two adorable rescue dogs of my own, and I love that I get to help more rescues find their forever homes in my everyday life now. In my free time, I enjoy exploring the heart of Austin with my dogs, and finding the best new places to host charity events! I am so grateful that my skills have allowed me to find such a wonderful cause to support.



Kennel Manager I  The Dogslanding House Board Memeber

Hi, my name is Taylor. I was born in Austin, Texas but grew up in Buda. As a child, my parents had many dogs varying in breed and size but It wasn’t til I was 15 when I got my first dog, Milo, who is still my best pal! A house fire in 2017 caused me to have a life changing moment and I became more active in the animal community. I now live with my husband and have seven absolutely amazing dogs!


I started working at Dogslanding in June of 2022 and it has brought so much joy and peace into my life, from our every day client dogs to all of our beautiful recuses as well as an amazing team. I absolutely adore the hard work and love we pour into these dogs daily! I truly believe that dogs are our link to paradise.

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