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Second Chance Sanctuary

Welcome to The Dogslanding House's newest project - our very own dog sanctuary! In the few years we have been doing rescue, we have come across a handful of dogs that needed a little extra love and care. Read below to learn more about our sanctuary dogs and how you can get involved!


Meet Phil! This beautiful guy was highly heartworm positive and going to be euthanized for his status at the shelter. Phil was previously a feral dog, and the shelter was not able to give him the resources needed to be comfortable in a home environment. We out him through fast kill heartworm treatment and did training with him to be more comfortable living with other dogs! Due to being feral previously, transitioning to new environments was still a struggle for him - and we ultimately decided that living with us on the ranch would be the thing that would make him happiest. Now Phil enjoys plenty of off leash walks, nature hikes, and play with other sanctuary friends. 



Meet Perry! This little princess arrived alongside Phil, also heartworm positive and feral. She struggled similarly with new people and environments, but she is thriving now that she has been able to stay with us and be more comfortable in her own skin. She absolutely loves cuddling in her bed and watching over the other dogs with Phil. 



Meet Sugar! This girl is just as sweet as her name. She lived outside her whole life being bred with horrible outcomes to the babies. The owner finally surrendered her after a neighbor voiced their concerns for long enough. She was brought to a shelter, where she was put on the euthanasia list for her heartworm positive status. Never to have babies again, this very sweet and calm girl came to stay with us. She was originally available for adoption, but after many failed meet and greets we decided that Sugar is happiest right where she's at. 


Support the sanctuary

All of our sanctuary dogs are/were heartworm positive and require extra vet care and treatments. They also eat high quality food, raw toppers and supplements - and we are happy to only feed them the best foods. Please consider making a donation to help us continue to support our sanctuary dogs! They are a constant rescue expense that does not get attention very often, and every dollar helps make a huge difference. Phil, Perry & Sugar say THANK YOU!

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