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The Dogslanding House

Texas animal shelters are in crisis mode all over the state.

Covid did more than shake up our economy and society, it created a whole new class of dog owners. Tens of thousands of stuck-at-home Texans took on new dogs. Often without researching the breed or knowing how to pick a pet that was a good fit. Then the world reopened and the shelters became flooded with unwanted pets. Dog crates now fill the hallways and truck ports…

There simply aren’t enough resources to handle the overflow.


Our Mission

Our mission is to create a bridge between overflowing Texas shelters and rescues and forever homes!

We provide intensive training rehabilitation programs, medical treatment,  and a loving caring environment. Our goal is to prepare dogs in need with a strong foundation and pair them with loving families. We are determined to lower the euthanasia statistics in central Texas and make a positive impact on the current shelter and rescue crisis!


All adoptable dogs are available through The Dogslanding House! Our typical adoption fee is $250. Every adoption comes with one free training session & a lifetime of support from our team! 


Sterling is 1 year old (maybe slightly younger) fawn blue nose Pitbull. This stray had almost no fur when he arrived and was quite the wild child when given the chance to get human attention. With only a small amount of care and attention, Sterling is turning into a beautiful dog. This sweet male pup gets along with every dog he has met so far but does have some extreme puppy energy that is still being harnessed with training. This kid has a bright future and deserves a home to keep healing and thriving.

Name: Sterling
Age: 1 yr
Sex: Fixed male
Approx weight: 66lbs
Breed: American Staffordshire Terrier
Intake date: 1/21/23
Heartworm test: NEGATIVE



Sriracha is a spicy, yet very sweet girl! Like most female dogs in Texas, she was used as a puppy machine. She’s a true girl-next-door as the boys really vie for her affection! She’s not every girls bestie, but can coexist if she must. She’d rather not share the boys love though! We’re still learning what family she would be best suited with. She’s fully crate trained, shows no signs of separation anxiety, and is quite entertaining when she starts spinning as quick as possible. After spending her young years as a mother, let’s show her what being a puppy is actually like!

Name: Sriracha
Age: 3
Sex: fixed female (pending)
Approx weight: 35
Breed: bluetick coonhound/blue heeler mix
Intake date: 3/16/23
Heartworm test: NEGATIVE



Sugar has been living outside her whole life being bred with horrific outcomes to the babies. The owner finally surrendered her after the neighbors voiced her concerns for long enough. Never to have babies again, this very sweet and calm girl would like a place to crash… forever. She’s loving her indoor crate, despite never having been in one and finding out that cuddles are her new favorite thing. She is currently undergoing heartworm treatment but is 100% ready for her new home.

Name: Sugar
Age: 4
Sex: fixed female
Approx weight:
Breed: GSD
Intake date: 3/31/23
Heartworm test: POSITIVE



This silly boy got his name before he arrived, but we did well because he is indeed… rowdy! But in the best way. No dog aggression or funny business, this kid loves to love. And play! We think he could be suited in a home with kids, cats, you name it. He does need structure in his life to keep him behaving like the gentleman he tries so hard to be. Rowdy isn’t picky about his exercise. He’d be okay with relaxing all day too. Although he may bark to get your attention occasionally and needs work on his leash skills, he’s one of the smartest doggies we’ve had come in our program.

Name: Rowdy
Age: 2
Sex: fixed male
Approx weight: 52 lbs
Breed: Australian Kelpie mix
Intake date: 4/8/23
Heartworm test: NEGATIVE



This gal is healing and learning to love again after some pretty bad abuse. She had a collar that was deeply embedded into her neck that had to be surgically removed, and is now relearning that human touch is actually her favorite thing! She shows no signs of fear aggression, despite what she’s been through. She also seems to be quite dog friendly. She could use a home where she can continue to heal and blossom into her true personality.

Name: Mavis
Age: 1.5
Sex: fixed female
Approx weight: 45
Breed: GSD mix
Intake date: 3/18/23
Heartworm test: NEGATIVE


This sweet kiddo is 1 year old Belgium Malinois that came from an awful dumping situation, go figure. This breed is popular right now and therefore the overbreeding is upon us. They were literally dug out of the mud by a sweet young lady who took them to her home and has been keeping them there trying to find rescues to help. We were able to get two of the dogs out of her home situation so they can start thriving, learning, and finding their forever home. Bo is very smart, docile, and a low/medium drive dog. Bo seems to have a fear of men, but has been working through that hurtle. He seems to be friendly with other large dogs, but we have not had the best interactions with small dogs yet. Bo could make a great service dog with the right training in a committed family. He also could be a regular ol’ family dog!

Name: Bo
Age: 1
Sex: fixed male
Approx weight: 45
Breed: Belgian Malinois
Intake date: 4/12/23
Heartworm test: PENDING




This energetic girl is a one-year-old Belgian Malinois who is wicked smart. Like her brother, she’s rescued from an awful dumping situation. Her siblings and her were dug out of the mud and brought to safety. Not doing well. Without structure and training, we took these kids on to provide them a better life. We know that they are going to make their humans incredibly happy! Arrow does exhibit signs of dog reactivity, but has been sweet with all humans she has met. We do think she can work on this behavior, but would be best suited as the only dog in the home. Arrow would make a great PSA dog, but could also live a more normal, yet active lifestyle in a home environment.

Name: Arrow
Age: 1
Sex: fixed female
Approx weight: 45
Breed: Belgian Malinois
Intake date: 4/12/23
Heartworm test: PENDING



Astra is a very loving girl who gets along with basically everyone and everything! She came in from GCAC when they were full and about to euthanize for space. She’s young and fun and ready to hang out with her best friend all day long! She’s perfect in her crate, exhibits no signs of desperation anxiety, and is one of the quickest learners we’ve had the pleasure of teaching. Adopt Astra!

Name: Astra
Age: 2
Sex: fixed female
Approx weight: 42
Breed: Pitbull mix
Intake date: 2/24/23
Heartworm test: NEGATIVE

How Dogslanding is making a difference.

We partner with several local shelters, rescues, and canine foster parents. With their help, we have saved a dozen dogs this year alone. However, these dogs come to us with health and behavioral issues. Our shelters & rescues are drowning – that’s where you can help! We are currently raising funds so we can make more space available to help more dogs. We also provide quality medical care to address any health issues. We make sure they are up to date with vaccines and check/treat them for diseases like heartworms. Most importantly, we evaluate & address root behaviors. This ensures these dogs are confident, happy, and ready to be part of a forever family! Your charitable tax-free donation enables us to continue this important work. Your dollars go directly to the dog's medical care, diet, and training needs.

If your looking for a new addition to your family, contact us today and we will let you come meet our adoptable pups to see if it’s a match made in heaven!


We have a newly launched foster program! Fostering is a great way to help The Dogslanding House rescue more dogs more dogs from euthanasia, while also not going over our capacity. Fosters are a crucial part of helping small rescues like us reverse the animal crisis happening in Texas. Fill out a foster application to get started!


Send a gift to our rescues!

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