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The Dogslanding House Rescue

Our mission is to create a bridge between overflowing Texas shelters and rescues and forever homes!

We provide intensive training rehabilitation programs, medical treatment,  and a loving caring environment. Our goal is to prepare dogs in need with a strong foundation and pair them with loving families. We are determined to lower the euthanasia statistics in central Texas and make a positive impact on the current shelter and rescue crisis!



All adoptable dogs are available through The Dogslanding House! You must first fill out an application to be considered for a meet and greet. Every adoption comes with one free training session, access to discounted boarding/daycare, & a lifetime of support from our team!  

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How Dogslanding is making a difference.

We partner with several local shelters, rescues, and canine foster parents. With their help, we have saved a dozen dogs this year alone. However, these dogs come to us with health and behavioral issues. Our shelters & rescues are drowning – that’s where you can help! We are currently raising funds so we can make more space available to help more dogs. We also provide quality medical care to address any health issues. We make sure they are up to date with vaccines and check/treat them for diseases like heartworms. Most importantly, we evaluate & address root behaviors. This ensures these dogs are confident, happy, and ready to be part of a forever family! Your charitable tax-free donation enables us to continue this important work. Your dollars go directly to the dog's medical care, diet, and training needs.

If your looking for a new addition to your family, contact us today and we will let you come meet our adoptable pups to see if it’s a match made in heaven!


We have a newly launched foster program! Fostering is a great way to help The Dogslanding House rescue more dogs more dogs from euthanasia, while also not going over our capacity. Fosters are a crucial part of helping small rescues like us reverse the animal crisis happening in Texas. Fill out a foster application on ShelterLuv to get started!


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