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Bully Breed Racism

Humans don’t just perpetuate racism against each other, they single out dog breeds and wreak havoc on their welfare!

Federal and state lawmakers have declared war on all bully breeds by creating legislation making these breeds subject to persecution.

Government-funded shelters euthanize these breeds quickly to make space for more unwanted pitties.

People who own their homes rather than rent make the best candidates for restricted breed owners in today's discriminatory environment, which extremely limits the forever home possibilities. The housing market makes it somewhere between expensive and impossible.

Pit Bulls have been declared public enemy number one and they get a BAD rap! Some of the sweetest most amiable breeds we work with are the Bully breeds. Pit Bulls are loyal, most often great family members, and in most cases, very trainable! Dobermans, Shepherds, and other protection-type dogs also get singled out as aggressive and therefore get put down immediately, due to their intense biological nature.

The path forward is education! These breeds certainly do pack a punch when it comes to their bite force. Get bit by a chihuahua and you’ll probably be okay! Getting into a scuffle with a pit

bull can be life-threatening. Don’t let the ‘nanny’ dog narrative put your child in danger. Prey drive is within every canine and this breed is no different. Naivety and ignorance lead us down this rocky road where news stories start flooding our phones with pit bull attacks.

The amount of training and structure the average bully breed needs is not for the average person, so make sure you’re making an educated decision when choosing the right dog for your family. Ask the shelter or rescue as many questions as possible and never ignore your gut instincts about a dog. On the other side of the coin, if you put the work in for these dogs, the love you will receive is unlike anything else you’ll ever experience in this lifetime! The bond that these strong breeds form with their humans is undeniably enriching.

If you are looking to add a new dog to your home and are not limited by rental laws, please consider these loyal, loving breeds. Visit our website and review the adoption dogs we have available or visit your local shelter. There are an abundance of these sweet dogs who currently need saving!

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