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Everything your dog needs,
nothing it doesn’t!

We know you love your dog, we love ours too. It’s an undeniable, do-anything type of love. And that’s why we were born from the dust of the many businesses that continue to fail your pet.

The owner of Dogslanding Play & Train, Danielle Linn, has worked at many canine facilities from Southern California to the great state of Texas. Her experiences have been quite awful, despite the constant love she has received from the amazing dogs she has worked with. She started this venture with the mission to change pet care for the better & to provide a service she would trust her own dogs with. Dogslanding has been carefully built to increase a dogs quality of life. We are licensed and bonded. So when your best friend comes to us, you can sleep at night knowing you are leaving them in the most excellent care – and we can sleep at night knowing we’re providing it!

Our Services


Dogslanding Academy

Embark on a tailored 1-6 week journey designed around your dog's unique requirements. Whether it's foundational training, behavior correction, or mastering a new skill, this program is crafted for exceptional results. Ideal for addressing more complex issues like aggression or reactivity. 


Virtual Training

Experience tailored, one-on-one sessions from the comfort of your home. Focus on key issues and receive exercises for seamless integration into your routine. Affordable and flexible scheduling!

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Public Access Training

If your dog has already done foundational work with us and needs help with confidence-building or reactivity, it's time for Public Access Training! Current clients may book directly through Pet Pocketbook below. 

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Day Training

Unleash your dog's potential with a full day of one-on-one training guided by our certified experts at our top-notch facility. Transform behavior and skills efficiently. 


Immersion Training

Are you ready to witness remarkable transformations in your furry companion's behavior? Look no further than our 3-Day Canine Immersion program! Designed for pet owners seeking accelerated results, this course condenses six weeks of comprehensive dog training into a dynamic three-day experience in your own home. 

Once you've joined our pack, we use Pet Pocketbook to stay connected!

  • Create profiles for you & your pets

  • Manage your appointments online

  • Message us

  • View & pay your bills​​


Lauren & Otto

"We have a high energy working dog who is a bit wary of other dogs. Danielle and the Dogslanding family are extraordinary! They take such good care of our pup, and love him like one of their own. He has such a good time there, and has really improved in socialization. The property is great and the dogs get plenty of exercise and attention. After a few bad daycare experiences, it's so wonderful to see our pup happy to be dropped off to play at Dogslanding!"


Give your canine the most enriching experience possible while you’re away!

The Dogslanding team firmly believes that your pet needs more than just supervision. Whether old or young, every dog deserves to use its mind and body to its fullest potential. We aim to please every breed, from your hunting dog to your mini doodle. With leisurely trail hikes around our 2.5 acres, structured playtime, and naptime with frozen enrichment toys, we have what your furry friend needs! Certified trainers are on-site at all times. You can rest easy knowing your dog will not come home with any unwanted behaviors! Our motto and ultimate goal for your dog is to provide safety, stimulation, and socialization. Our team is highly trained in dog psychology, behavior, and first aid. There are not many options for dog training and care in Cedar Creek, so we are happy to serve you and your pet.

*All dogs must have their Bordetella & Rabies vaccinations

We take pride in providing an organic & non-toxic facility!

We treat our yards with non-toxic CedarCide to prevent fleas and ticks. We strictly use non-toxic cleaners to clean kennels.  Our guest pup's health and safety are our highest priority!

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Nestled in the countryside of Cedar Creek on 2.5 acres of lush forest our facility offers trails, 3 play yards, a cozy doggy bunk house. We are always well staffed with highly trained dog professionals and 24 hour on site surveillance. We have uniquely curated Dogslanding to meet your dogs needs and are committed to making their stay a vacation in the country!

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