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Welcome to The Dogslanding House!

Pet overpopulation has been declared a threat to global climate change by the World Health Organization and our government. So is it true? And if so, what are we going to do about it? What our government is doing to combat this issue includes cutting funding to shelters placing many more pets on the euthanasia hit list! Small batch rescues, like The Dogslanding House, are picking up some slack but it’s not enough to make much of a dent in the statistics. Too many dogs are being euthanized and this is simply not acceptable! Approximately 390,000 dogs are killed each year and Texas ranks #2 in dog and cat euthanasia in the country! The Dogslanding House came to be in 2021 when we opened Dogslanding Play and Tr

ain, a small batch boarding and training facility in Cedar Creek, Texas. By 2022, we were housing up to 20 client dogs and we started setting aside 6-8 kennels to foster and rehabilitate dogs in need. But even that mission grew and changed.

We began taking dogs from local shelters days before their terrible fate. Currently, we have rescued 24 dogs and placed them in forever homes. We take our mission incredibly serious and have recently become a nonprofit dog rescue with a goal of building a second dog bunk house on our ranch just for our rescues. We want to save more… no… we need to. When a dog comes into our care, we assess their physical and mental needs.

We provide any required medical care, give them a space to finally decompress, then we get to work on training. We build a strong foundation and help them navigate any problem behaviors. When the dog is ready, we match-make and find the perfect fit for a forever home.

When a family chooses a Dogslanding House rescue, they are provided with lifetime support and aftercare to ensure a happy ending.

We are determined to have a successful year in 2023 and raise enough funding to do our part to save as many dogs as possible! We couldn’t do it without a community like ours. There’s nothing like The Dogslanding Family. We are grateful for you, our dogs even more so! Donate to our rescue below.

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